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Rogue Sun is a team of digital dreamers based in leafy Guildford, UK currently seeking a Senior Animation Generalist / Mocap Lead to join our growing team.


Founded in 2016 by a trio of developers who first met while working on the Fable Franchise at the historic Lionhead Studios. Rogue Sun has been working on titles with the likes of Oculus and Sony, and is now focused on Tin Hearts, our multi platform puzzle narrative title, in collaboration with Wired Productions, as well as an exciting unannounced project!


We are currently looking for a Senior Animation Generalist / Mocap Lead. This role requires involvement at both a high and low level. At the high level, this role would see the right candidate effectively having full ownership of animation practices and workflows within the studio. At the low level, they would also be following these workflows themselves to implement animation as well as communicating them to external collaborators who would help with delivering the volume of content. Remote/freelance/contract applicants will be considered,  candidates with a view to relocate such that they can work out of our Guildford studio post pandemic would be prioritised.

What you will do:

  • - Build good practices from the ground-up, work with and consult with team members and stakeholders at all levels of the studio

  • - Define and own animation practices and workflows within the studio

  • - Be directly involved with the implementation of animation

  • - Communicate with and assist in the management of external collaborators

What you will need:

  • - Experience of Motion Editing techniques and workflows within Motionbuilder

  • - Experience with Keyframing as well as Technical Animation techniques and workflows within Maya (Rigging / Skinning / Pipeline)

  • - Experience with facial animation pipelines (blendshape/bone rigs)

  • - A strong animation portfolio demonstrating excellent keyframing skills and a well grounded understanding of animation principles

  • - Self-motivated approach to work.

  • - Strong communication skills.

  • - A passion for animation and beautiful/dramatic motion

  • - Some management/organisational skill and ability/desire to work with/manage animators/motion editors to deliver on the project's animation content requirements

  • - Experience of working effectively in a small agile team.

  • - An open mind, a strong work ethic and a desire to have fun while creating amazing things!


Bonus points for:

  • - Experimentation with / Experience of "DIY mocap" techniques (e.g. iPi Soft, Perception Neuron, Facecap)

  • - Demonstrable experience with facial mocap (e.g. Faceware, DynamiXYZ)

  • - Demonstrable experience of solving difficult animation problems by applying creative thinking/techniques

  • - Love of games.

  • - An interest in martial arts / stunt arts / motion arts

  • - Happy to work autonomously / assume big areas of responsibility / manage own schedule.

  • - Remote to begin with, likely to switch to local from our Guildford based studio post pandemic.

If you think this sounds a lot like you we can’t wait to hear from you at hello@roguesun.com

About Us


Hi! Thanks for taking the time to visit our page! We're Rogue Sun, a new team of digital dreamers based in leafy Guildford, UK. We say "new", actually when you add up all the years we've each been making games for, you'll be getting dangerously close to triple digits!

We're proud to have spent many of those years at one of history's most beloved game development houses, that of Lionhead Studios, some of us all the way up to its closure. All great things come to an end though, but often even greater things take their place!

We hope you'll join us in writing a new chapter in the tome of Video Games. Our first game is a lovingly hand crafted experience aiming to warm your heart as much as it will tickle your brain. We're making it exclusively for VR, the exiting new platform that puts you, the player, inside the game!

So, go on... click your favourite social thingamajig or sign up for our mailing list and let’s embark on a grand adventure together!


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