Orion and Sirius

The constellation Orion with the Dog Star, Sirius trailing.

The constellation Orion with the Dog Star, Sirius trailing.

Yesterday morning during the 4am break I got a good look at Orion with the Dog Star, Sirius trailing at about 30deg above the horizon. I had to go back in and finish the shift and I didn’t have my equipment with me. So this morning I headed over to Commerce Park 1 which is in northeast Austin just north of the Parmer Lane/Harris Branch exit. On the east side of the warehouse/shipping complex on Titanium Rd. There is a mound that blocks the lights from the building and to the east the land is undeveloped at present which allows for a good view of the eastern sky. There were clouds up when I was setting up my tripod and camera and they dissipated for about an hour while I took some shots of the constellation. I need to do a better job at manual focus or figure out how to get auto-focus to work in pitch black. I may go out again tomorrow morning to see if I can get some more shots. This will depend on the weather. I think about 3am Sirius is pretty close to the horizon that I might be able to include some of the landscape in the photo. I was shooting a Canon DR T3i with a 18-55 zoom lens on 18mm at manual focus. I did sharpen the image a bit in Photoshop before sending it to Instagram.

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